German and Dutch reverse glass painting from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance

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From 2006 - 2008 I have been involved in a research project being undertaken by the Federal Institute of Materials Research and Testing in Berlin and the Museum Schnütgen in Cologne (financed by the German Research Foundation). The project is entitled: “Reverse painted glass in Flanders, Burgundy and at the Lower Rhine of 1330 to 1550. Origins of the 'cold painting' on glass and the influence of stained glass and panel painting”. I have contributed my knowledge concerning the technical aspects of paint and glass of late medieval glass paintings.




Simone Bretz, Carola Hagnau, Oliver Hahn, Hans-Jörg Ranz:
Deutsche und niederländische Hinterglasmalerei vom Mittelalter bis zur Renaissance,
Deutscher Kunstverlag, München (erscheint Ende 2015)



Simone Bretz, Carola Hagnau, Oliver Hahn, Hans-Jörg Ranz:
Allerhand Loth zu machen, Das Schwarzlot in der Hinterglasmalerei,
in: Restauro 8, Dezember 2011, S. 27-39